Single Cell Analysis

Historically, most genomic technologies have required relatively large amounts of nucleic acid for analysis, even though researchers have suspected that even the same cell types vary from cell-to-cell in terms of mutations, gene expression, or epigenetic marks.

As the sensitivity of these techniques has improved in recent years, it has become possible to extract enough DNA/RNA from individual cells for sequencing, PCR, and microfluidic analysis. Today, researchers have the ability to characterize minute differences in minimal sample. This has had broad reaching implications in many fields from neurosciences to oncology.

Our Market Trends Dashboards capture the growth trends in the single cell analysis field and breaks it out by each of these methods, showcasing the relative usage of upstream enrichment technologies used in the worlds institutions and labs.

Our Research Profile Dashboards highlight the top institutions and labs using single cell enrichment methods in their work. They represent the actual researchers beneath the trends highlighted in our Market Trends Dashboards.

Together, these dashboards provide an unprecedented view of single cell enrichment in labs worldwide.